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Some Graphic Novels To Read With Your Kids!

Some Good Stuff

The joys of reading. Everyone likes to do it…for the most part. I have found one of the best things to do with my kids is introduce them to some of the things that I love doing, which, in this case, is reading. Not only reading but reading GRAPHIC NOVELS! As a kid I had a difficult time staying focused on text only books and found that I enjoy reading with more visuals…thank you comic books. My kids get older I want to introduce them to the wonderful world of Comics, but find it a bit to advanced. So, I found some books that will be a nice bridge from one to the other. Below is just that. A small list of books you may enjoy reading with your young ones.

OLGA And the Smelly Thing From Nowhere

by: Elise Gravel

First on our list is OLGA and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere.  A story about Olga. A girl that meets a weird new creature that nobody has ever seen before. What does this thing eat, how does it poop? With her group of friends, Olga sets out to discover the answers to all the weird questions that the olgamus ridiculus brings up. It is a very cool book that focuses on a scientific way to go about answering questions. You will enjoy it as much as your kid.

NARWHAL Unicorn Of The Sea!

by Ben Clanton

Narwhal: The Unicorn of the Sea is the first chapter in a series of books. This is the very beginning. Great jumping on point for new readers…obviously. It starts with Narwhal and his friend Jelly (the Jelly fish) meeting for the first time. Now, since neither of them have ever met an animal like each other before they both think that the other is an imaginary character. So, they spend a good time trying to convince the other that they are in fact real! Hilarity ensues and everyone has a good time. It is a great read. The book has 3 different stories in it so if you kid wants to read it at night, you can sneak out a 15 page story in no time.

The Bad Guys

by Aaron Blabey

Here is one that is now a major motion picture. The Bad Guys part 1 is the first in a series of 12. A story about Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake and Mr. Shark. All bad guys trying to sort out their lives and do good. Set in a time where being bad isn’t has good as…well…being good… Mr. Wolf has an idea for their first big “Good Mission” …releasing 200 dogs from the Maximum Security City Dog Pound!

A funny read and great for kids looking to make a little jump into reading books with more words but still has those great illustrations.

DUGOUT: The Zombie Steals Home

by Scott Morse

A cool book about baseball, witches and, as the title says, ZOMBIES!!

We have twin sisters playing baseball on opposing teams in their league. One, Gina, completely sports whiz. Two, Stacy, is part of a team that has not won a game all year. They battle during the game, HARD! Gina strikes everyone out, Stacy, is just there… so far so good right… oh but wait… not only are they twin sisters, they also happen to be WITCHES! Eventually a curse is implemented and becomes out of control to the point where they accidentally raise a zombie from the grave!!!!

Now they must set aside their differences and set things right.

A solid book that can be read over and over again. Friendship, sisterhood, sportsmanship. It has a great deal and is worth a good look.

OWLY The Way Home

by Andy Runton

Owly is a great story for pretty much any age group. Beautiful illustrations and not too hard to comprehend narrative.

We have Owly who is always looking for friends but tends to scare away any applicants…just by being an Owl. They never give him the chance to show them who (hahaha) he can be. Eventually Owly meets Wormy. They find common ground in the fact that they are both looking for friends.

This would be one of top choices to introduce young readers into graphic novels. Give it some of your time.

BONE: Out From Boneville

by Jeff Smith

The three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone are run out of Boneville. They become separated and find themselves alone in the uncharted desert, and each manage to make their way into a forest inhabited by strange creatures. There the adventures begin! Kids and adults alike will immensely enjoy this fantasy-humor comic adventure.

This is the first step in a 9-part story. This one is for kids who are a bit older. Some great story telling, art and text but does have a bit of violence in it. Nothing over the top, but you may want to hold onto your seat when the dragon throws some fire your way!


by Laura Knetzger

Two bug friends learn about the world through science! Learning about friendship along the way!

A nice story about Rhino-B and Stag-B. One is brash and sweet; the other is calm and scholarly. They spend their time exploring Bug Village and beyond! The cool thing is they dive into their own thoughts and feelings too. Which I always feel is hard to explain to young children.

This is a solid choice for those adventurous types and those who want to delve deeper into their own thoughts and psyche… that sounds deep, but don’t forget, it’s a kids book.



by George O’Connor

Here is a series I thought would be an interesting read for those older kids. As a major fan of Greek Mythology, and comic books, this thing checks both those boxes. As of now it is an 11 out of 12 book series. Each one focusing on specific characters from Greek Mythology. Zeus, Athena, Poseidon plus more. Each story focuses on the characters history, deeds, failures and interactions with the other gods, demigods and such. It is a great series which can be read to some smaller children but is a solid pick for the kids branching out and reading stuff on their own. Don’t sit on these books. Grab them and give them a read.

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