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Dads and The Easter Bunny! Presents for All!

It's Easter Time!!

Easter is upon us, and it just so happens to be a large holiday where people want and or need presents. So, luckily, we here at DTAT have had the time and joy to go over some things and help you out! We actually really like Easter as it is a great holiday to just go out and find cool stuff for people and loved ones. The following are some suggestions we can make for you if you are feeling stuck on exactly what to get those people in your life around Easter time.


For the loved one in your life that loves everything crafty and fun. We have made these suggestions before, but we will do it again because we really love these guys.

Cricut is something you would love to give that person in your life who loves the DIY in all things craft. These machines help you cut anything out of a wide range of materials, from tissue paper all the way to wood! There are a few machines that have different options to them (to learn more visit our other article about CRICUT). This is something to grab for the person who loves to do cards, iron on clothing, stickers and a wide range. If your loved one already has a Cricut, maybe consider signing them up for the Premium Subscription. It gives you access over 200 000 images, fonts, templates…everything you need to get your creative side rocking.

Here we go. Minted. Love them. Love everything about them. Can’t say enough good things about them. Honestly, they have pretty much whatever you need for the crafty person who loves to make things beautiful in your life.  They have a massive Stationary section designed to help you out in all areas. Calendars, greeting cards, graduations… a massive list of things. Looking for more of a gift and walk a way type deal, make your own calendar and send it off to whomever you want to make look at you and your family for the entire year. Things ranging from independent artists all the way up to stuff your kids would love because they rock a lot of Disney characters. Take the time and have a look at them. They are currently celebrating their 15th year in business and are sharing a massive 20% off shipping when you join up.


For the person who loves the pop culture world. We have TFAW. Things From Another World. Get your comics, statues, clothing, manga whatever you want from these guys. They have it all.  If you want to grab something unique for the collector these guys have a ton, TON! Of exclusive items that you can only get from TFAW. A wide range of options and definitely worth checking out.

For the person who loves the outdoors and cooking. ALL Things BBQ has what you want. From building a CRAZY outdoor kitchen, not just BBQ, but yes, kitchen to awesome recipes for said outdoor kitchen, these guys have it all.  Sauces, rubs, grills, smokers, all the things you would want for the person who loves to cook it all and cook it all outdoors!

For the person who loves to look cool with cool stuff on. Stickers, masks, holiday ideas. LookHuman has pretty much anything you want to look trendy and neat. They just provide a wide range of clothing that would make most people happy to wear. It brings out that kid in me…that immature kid in me wearing a tshirt with a duck on it threatening to hit you with a bat if you cross me…its hilarious.


For the person who needs and wants to have great skin. Everybody loves to look to good. Men and women. Purlisse gives you the opportunity to start taking care of your skin so you can feel more confident and look like your 30 in your 50s. They have products for a wide range of issues such as oily, dry or sensitive skin. They are worth a look for who want to take skin care to the next level.

For the person who loses everything. If you are like me and have a partner that constantly looses their stuff TILE will work wonders for you as a gift. You through these bad boys into your wallet or purse and if you lose them. Boom! Its an easy find. Lost your keys, don’t worry they have a tracker for that too. They have been successful in my life after I purchased one for my S.O. They thought it was a bad idea until they lost their keys…then you know what… not a bad gift after all! Try them out. Super cool

For the person who loves to be comfortable. MXDeals has what you need. Pillows are them! I can tll you from personally experience that a wedge pillow did me wonders when I had my kids. I just popped the pillow onto my lap, the kid goes on top and you have the best support for your arms that you could want while having a small baby on you. These guys have more though. Cool Planet shaped pillows, full on body pillows, pillows that support your back and kids pillows. I saw these are for the person who wans to be comfortable and I mean it. Wether its for binging Netflix with someone or just sleeping better with more support. Havea look at MXDeals.

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