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A Kids Room Can Be Cool

Once your kid starts getting older they will want to become their own interior designer. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. Let your kid be creative and establish their own identity. We all know that it could become a disaster…more then likely it will become a disaster. So before they get to the posters of their favorite bands and superheroes lets get some great ideas to make their room really nice and loveable…not only that but pleasant to your eye as well.


Lets start of with some good looking art. Fill up the walls with some of their favorite characters and beautifully done custom art from our friends at Bright and colorful, these independent artists really make your child’s favorite people come to live. We have some canvas art for the little ones as well with Characters from Thomas the Train all the way to Wild Kratts. Decorate your kids room and take in all the color before they get to old for your help.


A room isn’t a room until you have toys and cool things to make that room unique. With those cool things come a lot of space taken up. Thankfully there are options for you. Storage, storage and even more beautifully colored storage. We look no further than the options we see with TVtoyboxes toy caddy’s and Bangoods Multifunctinal Cotton Storage Units. Put some beautifully designed kids night lights on top from Comflax and the room is starting to come together.


Ah entertainment. The main reason why anyone goes anywhere. So why not have your kids room their major destination for your house. In order to do that, as mentioned above, you need toys and cool things. Like swings, cars, tanks and cool cool puzzles. Regardless of what type of entertainment you want for your kids we have a few suggestions from some of our partners that we think will make your kids room lok and feel amazing.

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