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Working From Home with Sick Kids!

If you are like most people right now you are both working from home and looking after your kids. That is hard enough on its own, now imaging they are sick. Whole new ball game. As a parent and person who has dealt with the hardships of having sick kids, I have been able to get things done on both fronts by doing a few things that make the day go by smoother.

Now, since we have children and we work from home, we have our kids in daycare most days of the week, but when they get sick those daycare doors are closed. You know what though, work is still calling. So, what do you do?

Partner Talk!

First, it is important to communicate with your partner about what expectations are realistic between the two of you. Does one take a day off and have alternating schedule? Do you do the morning, and they do the afternoon? Whatever works for you at this point is totally fine. You need to communicate with your partner and you bosses/ co-workers too. Most people nowadays understand the difficulties of raising kids from home and working… as I am sure most of them have been through the same situation themselves.

Help Can Help!

Ask for help. Totally ok. If you live near family or trusted friends, it is alright to ask for help from them. Many people feel like they are not succeeding as parents if they need to ask for help from time to time. I feel as if you need to hear “it is ok to get help”. Especially if you have a high demanding job or if you are a single parent. Ask for help. That is why you have a support system.

CoComelon is not awful!

Some people think Screen time is not okay. I will disagree with that person full on. Now, like anything, you need to find a balance with it, but if it means you can get to your meeting with your boss or client then some screen time is not a bad thing. Heck, CoComelon will not ruing your kids live if you let them watch It for an hour.

Shhh...Daddy is on the Phone

If your kid is old enough to understand boundaries, then let them know about yours while you are at work. Sounds easier than it is that’s for sure. I tell my kids “When daddy is on the phone you need to be quiet”. Their answer “Ok daddy” ….four minutes later while I am on the phone “DADDY!!, he took my toy!!!” This does not work out well all the time. But every now and again I get the “SHHHH, daddy is on the phone” which, I feel, is a small important victory.

Look Over Here!

Distraction methods. Again, if your kids are old enough, you can give them some nice distraction pieces, i.e., Lego, coloring, toys, magic sand etc.… Sometimes your kids can play by themselves and still be ok. Again, it will depend on the kid and how they play with each other or by themselves. Parenting is all about pretty much based of off different circumstances and your kid. Some books will give you a play by play of how a situation will go down, and it may be that way for the authors kid, but maybe not for yours. Everything you read should always be taken with a grain of salt. There is no one stop shop for parenting advice. You find what works for you and you go with it.

Anyways, it is all about balance. I always feel like my kids will always come first, but I still need to eat and put a roof over their heads. It is hard. And it gets harder sometimes, but it also will get better. Important thing to remember is they will get better, and you get back to your routine…hopefully….one day!

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