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Understanding Your Kids

Helping Your Kids Future

It is a new year. Say goodbye to the terribleness that was 2022 and say hello to 2023. Fresh start some would say.

So, what to do. I know every year in January people like to go to the gym and work on themselves…you know what, this year, let’s work on some new skills for your kids. Below you will find some good ideas to help with your children’s development and maybe help you with killing time and not going crazy.

Leadership Skills

Your kid may not be outspoken or ready to take the reigns and be a titan of industry, and that’s ok. Mine aren’t. There is something to be said about some qualities you can get from a person who takes charge and is a leader. One of the most important things is decision making and having a plan. No more, “I don’t know. What do you want.” bull. Kids will imitate you and your actions so let’s say it’s up to you to start making decisions and being decisive so your kids can take that trait and grow with it.

Critical Thinking.

Having your kids ask questions is very important. I know it can be difficult and frustrating answering 1 million questions every day, but it is important to realize that your kid doesn’t know what most things are just yet and you will bet the one to help them understand life.

Time Management

If your kid is like mine, they take about 3 years to get dressed and another 2 to get their outdoor stuff on. That is 5 years to just get dressed and ready for the outside world…or at least it seems that way.  UGGHH!. It is beyond frustrating. A solid lesson for your kid to learn is how to allocate time for certain tasks. Teach them about punctuality and the importance of it.


Work Ethic

Like most things in life having a good work ethic can get you far. A solid grasp on right v wrong will help them along the way. Having them understand their responsibilities and acknowledging that they know what they need to do is important so there is no confusion on their task. It is a slow and painful task for you to do but it will set your kids up for life by simply understanding that showing up and doing your job will put your miles ahead of some.

Being flexible.

Have your kids understand that change is inevitable and is not bad. That it tends to lead to new and sometimes, better things in their lives. Although, it is scary and sometimes doesn’t seem like it is good, but no matter what happens you will need to continue to move forward. Someone who plans ahead and is ready to roll with the punches will always have the upper hand on people who are the wait and see types.

All of this sounds great on paper obviously. Let’s be honest, odds are its won’t work. We all know that life will throw you curveballs and such that will beat you down and have you wondering ‘why?’. It happened to you, and it will happen to your kids. All you know is that you got through certain times and, with the right assistance and guidance, so will your kids.

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