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The Ultimate Guide to Starting with Cricut: Top 3 Machines and Essential Materials for Beginners

So, you’ve decided to take a leap into the world of Cricut. First off, welcome! This creative journey is bound to be filled with excitement, innovation, and boundless possibilities. Whether you’re diving into DIY crafts, custom apparel, or unique home décor, Cricut provides the tools you need to bring your vision to life. Let’s help you get started by recommending the top three Cricut machines and essential materials and tools for beginners.


Best For: Compact crafting and basic projects

Features: Despite being the smallest of the Cricut family, the Joy is mighty. It’s perfect for quick, everyday projects like custom cards, labels, or vinyl stickers. Being portable, it’s a great choice for those with limited space or those who want to craft on the go.

Price Range: Generally more affordable, making it perfect for beginners.


Best For: Versatility in medium-scale projects

Features: A step up from the Joy, the Explore Air 2 cuts a wider range of materials, from cardstock to faux leather. It also allows for drawing and scoring, providing versatility in design and function. With its Bluetooth capability, it offers wireless cutting.

Price Range: Mid-range, offers great value for its capabilities.


Best For: Advanced crafts and professional-quality projects

Features: The Maker is the powerhouse of the Cricut family. It can cut over 300 different materials, from delicate fabric to tough leather. With its suite of tools, like the rotary blade and knife blade, it’s ideal for any craft project you can dream up. It’s also future-proof with adaptive tool system capabilities.

Price Range: Premium, ideal for those seriously committed to crafting.


Cricut Cutting Mats

Different mats are designed for different materials – LightGrip (for delicate materials like paper), StandardGrip (for vinyl and cardstock), and StrongGrip (for thicker materials).

Cricut Tool Set

This set usually includes essentials like a spatula, weeder, scraper, scissors, and tweezers. They’re fundamental for precision and ease in your projects.


Ideal for card-making and other paper crafts


Cricut pens allow you to draw or write with your machine, adding a unique touch to your projects.

Cricut EasyPress

While an iron can work, the EasyPress provides consistent heat, ensuring a flawless transfer every time.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV

For those looking to customize apparel, HTV is a must.


A popular material for Cricut beginners, vinyl can be used for decals, custom apparel, and more

Transfer Tape

Pair it with transfer tape to seamlessly apply your designs.

Starting with a Cricut machine opens the doors to countless creative endeavors. By investing in a suitable machine for your needs and stocking up on essential materials, you’ll set yourself up for crafting success. Happy crafting!

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