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The Hardships of Shopping During THIS Season with Kids

We all know that the shopping season is upon us, which usually means kids are going to be crying a lot in stores. With every store you go to slamming your face with ads and “must buys” it can get hard with kids. They will probably want it all at some point and they will reach a breaking point and so will you. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

That being said, hopefully here are some things to keep in mind while shopping with kids so they and you don’t lose your collective dumps!

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids are curious and they will want to ask you a million questions about things. This is how they learn how the world works. They are going to want to hold that new toy, and they will say “oh I just want to hold it” but we both know they aren’t leaving it there without a fight. Its not the worst thing in the world. I guess just try and remember that they are curious and its important not to make them feel bad about trying.

Avoid The Heavy Traffic Times

We know its hard to shop with kids during the holiday season. We all know its harder to shop when there are other kids around who are getting the toy that you just told your kid that he/she can’t have.  I have learned shopping in the lower traffic times is way easier then freaking after dinner times. I realize it is not possible for everyone to do it but if you can, try. When there are zero kids around It is easier to shop. But if you hear a kid crying, odds are its yours ha-ha

'No' Is Not The Worst Thing To Say

No. It’s not bad, I think you just need to explain to your child why it’s a “no”. Granted, they will not understand why they can not have that toy. Hopefully providing them with a bit more information on the matter can change the situation from “crying hissy fit” to “crying because I’m just sad I can’t get the toy”. It’s hard to find that line of staying cool and collected after you have told them for the 6th time ‘no’ and the reason. Just try to get out of there in one piece.

Once You Snap

The “I am starting to lose my patience” warning…. I have been there. The kids don’t care… I think at that point they know they can break you. And if it happens, it happens. I try and stay as calm as possible obviously, because I don’t want to be the person making the scene in the mall. You are trying to get your kid back to the car kicking and screaming and its you who is making the most noise. Then you realize, “crap, I am the problem”. Try and get out of the store to take a breather…with the kids obviously, hopefully that can lead to a new lease on the shopping life, and you can get it all done when you go back in.

Remember that all children behave as well as they are treated. A child who is regularly given our time, undivided attention, patience, and understanding will have more tolerance for a shopping trip – and any other challenging situation – than the child who must face stressful situations without this emotional support.

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