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TCL. Are They Worth A Look?

Is TCL a brand to spend money on

I am sure by now a lot of people are seeing more and more of the TCL brand out there in stores. It has been around for a good time and finally over the pas few years been spreading across NA and making a bigger name for itself. So, as the title asks; is it something to look at as a purchase?

Who is TCL?

TCL is a Chinese tech company found in 1981 with operations around the world. They have made quite a name for themselves making a huge selection of affordable TV’s. In 2017, TCL became the third biggest brand in North America. The company states that they are seeing growth every year in sales and are constantly featuring new models to account for demand. But should you buy one?

Are They Any Good?

The short answer. Yes. Yes, they are good if not great TVs for their price point. TCL’s largest advantage is their competitive pricing. Compared to Samsung and Sony, they are a good distance cheaper. If you are looking for size and pixel count as the main feature then, honestly, do not look much further.

There is usually a cost v performance issue to consider. Cheaper TVs tend to mean cheaper quality. Picture processing is often dictated by processors which may or may not be able to keep up with the high-resolution demands of today’s needs. Thankfully TCL tends to put their money into this and produce a quality picture for size of TV.

Do they Last as Long as Other Brands?

Definitely! TCL can last up to 7 years of heavy use with no sign of issues.

What do they cost?

Obviously, depending on size and features, the price will vary. But for those who are looking for a large 65+ tv but don’t want to shell out over 2k for the larger name brand companies TCL provides you with a comparable quality for a fraction of the price. This is key, especially if you have a playroom for your kids and just want to have them able to watch movies and songs on a large screen.

Here is a link to one of my favorite sites for comparing Tech.

There will be some of the best rates TCL TVs in the past year or so. (Thanks

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty on comparison with the larger named brands, I suggest looking at the higher end TCL models to compare. Pretty much the 8 series and up.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a large TV with solid OS and not too many bells and whistles TCL will be your best bet for the price. That being said, their higher up models will compare with the big boys too. As always, do your research in this matter and enjoy shopping.

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