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Superman Must Reads For Comic Fans

Who doesn’t love a good list about must read books. I know I do and if you don’t, then read this anyways. You can go to your friends and be like “Hey, I know stuff about Superman”. Feel good about yourself and maybe read one.

Secret Identity

Here is one that is set in “our” world. Story takes place in Mid-Western USA where there is a young boy who gets hassled because his name is …… Clark Kent. He gets compared to the fictional character Superman. Once day he spontaneously begins to fly and literally becomes Superman. This is a story that focuses on the implications of suddenly becoming the worlds most powerful person and how a young boy adjusts. It effects his personal relationships, the government view and just how the world would react to having an actual Superman here.

For All Seasons

This book is a great take on Superman’s support system. It takes place during the early years of Clark becoming Superman and really shot from the perspective of four different characters over four books.  Once great moment, which I feel reflects the books flow, is just how Clark see’s the world and really appreciates everything. There is the panel where Superman is complemented by a small child on his costume and the simple answer from Superman//” thanks, my mom made it”. Love those little moments in these types of books.

All Star

Once of my personal favorites. A 12-issue masterpiece by Grant Morrison. What happens when Superman has to face his mortality. After venturing to the Sun, Superman cells become overcharged and ultimately begin to degrade. Knowing this he wants to give the world gifts and help them before he passes on. Fantastic art from Frank Quitely really allows you to feel how Superman is around different people and situations, especially his depiction of Clark Kent. A definite must read for any comic book fan.

What's So Funny About Truth, Justice And The American Way?

Superman. To good. Outdated ideals. Has no concept of what the world is.
Here is the story written by Joe Kelly about Superman questioning and being questioned about how he operates. Enter a new hard-edged team lead by Manchester Black. The Elite executes their criminals and have zero concern for collateral damage and the world seems to be okay with it. The Elite gain public support which dumbfounds Superman. It gets to the point where you will see one of the best battles on the moon and allows a quick glimpse into the world in which Superman lets go…. it is a reminder as to why Superman controls himself and why the world needs heroes of his integrity.

For The Man Who Has Everything

Oh Alan Moore. I understand why you left the corporate world of comics. I really do, but man, I wish you would come back and just do awesome stories like this.  Here is a story where Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman visit Superman at his Fortress for his birthday only to find that Mongul has trapped him in a dream with the parasitic Black Mercy plant.  The plant is consuming Superman while creating a world where he never left Krypton, it never exploded, and he is living his life. Honestly, one of the most heartbreaking issues you can read involving a man who is nigh indestructible, but you are reminded that all men, regardless of strength, are still only men.

Kingdom Come

Set in an elseworlds future where Waid has focus on a new generation of heroes who have different morals and values then the heroes from before. After a major incident Superman and older heroes return to lead the new heroes into the future. Starting what could be an apocalyptic event. This is a great Superman story as you get to see him in a more vulnerable setting where he isn’t the ideal hero anymore, but he still forces his views on the old and the new. Great take on the character.

Red Son

Kal-El landed in Russia rather than America. That is the idea behind this book. What would happen to the world if Superman landed and was raised in the Communist nation of Russia. You will get an angry Russian Batman, James Olsen is a CIA agent, Lex Luthor becomes a scientist employed by S.T.A.R. Labs. Some crazy stuff with Green Lanterns. All in all, this is more so a story about how Superman remains the same regardless of landed spot. His ideals and morals do not change as much as expected. To the core, we learn that Superman is a good person.

Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

Saying goodbye to the original Superman’s continuity. Superman 423 and Action Comics 583 would act as the swan song for the original Superman. Alan Moore again writes this story.  The story takes place as an interview with Lois Lane set in the future. You get a nice ending to many of Superman’s villains and friends ultimately ending in Superman giving up his powers to save the world from bad guys.

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