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Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Trailer

Star Trek Discovery 3 Trailer Blew My Mind

CBS just released the new Star Trek Discovery trailer and I have to say that I am beyond excited! The story so far seems to be a heelish up hill battle for Michael Burnham and her friends who have landed about 930 years into the future where we saw them jump to at the end of Season 2.

Beginning on October 15th we will be getting 13 glorious episodes of Discovery from CBS. Everyone seems to be back as well. Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Wilson Cruz and Michell Yeoh as well as new characters (and first transgender character and non-binary character) played by Ian Alexander and Blu del Barrio.

Highlights show some post-apocalyptic universe after the Burn occurred. Most if not all of the Federation has disappeared, and it is up to the Discover crew to set things back into order.


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