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Ranking The Physically Strongest Superheroes in Comics

Herculean Heroes

The realm of comic books presents us with a fascinating panorama of superhuman strength, where heroes can shatter dimensions, lift entire planets, and grapple with omnipotent beings. Here, we are on a quest to identify the physically strongest superheroes in comics, ranking them based on feats they have accomplished, while citing these feats and comparing them to the feats of other characters.


Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, tops our list. His impressive feat of strength was displayed in “Superman/Batman #13,” where he lifts a book with infinite pages. In “Superman #13,” he bench-pressed Earth’s weight for five days, emitting only a single drop of sweat. These feats of infinite strength put him slightly above the rest.


With his strength increasing proportionally with his rage, Hulk’s power is potentially limitless. In “Secret Wars #4,” he carries a 150 billion-ton mountain range, a feat that far exceeds those performed by many other characters. His power was again evident when he shattered an asteroid twice the size of Earth in “Defenders #3.”


As the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor’s physical strength is immense. In “Thor #327,” he lifts the Midgard Serpent, an enormous creature that coils around Earth. This is an incredible feat of strength, given the massive size of the serpent. Thor also once pushed over the leaning Tower of Pisa with his finger, a playful but powerful demonstration of his strength.


Despite being less well-known than Superman, Martian Manhunter’s physical strength is comparable. He’s moved planets, as seen in “JLA #75,” showcasing an astronomical level of power. This feat alone puts him on par with Superman and Hulk in terms of sheer strength.


Sentry’s incredible power allowed him to rip Ares, the God of War, in half in “Siege #2,” a clear display of superhuman strength. He also held his own in a brutal fight against World War Hulk, further demonstrating his physical prowess.


In “Avengers #99,” Hercules supports the weight of the heavens, just as the Titan Atlas did in mythology. He also lifts and throws the 60,000-ton Godzilla in “Godzilla #3,” showing his incredible raw power.


Power Girl, being Superman’s counterpart from an alternate universe, naturally shares his immense strength. She has lifted a large cruise ship in “Power Girl #12,” a noteworthy feat considering the massive weight of such vessels.


Shazam’s strength, on par with Superman’s, is demonstrated in “Justice League #13” when he moves a planet out of its orbit. This planetary feat of strength alone earns Shazam a high place on this list.


As Superman’s cousin, Supergirl shares his Kryptonian strength. She moves a planet out of its orbit in “Supergirl #12,” proving herself as one of the strongest female superheroes in existence.


Gifted with the strength of the Olympian gods, Wonder Woman has moved the Earth alongside Superman and Martian Manhunter in “Wonder Woman #219.” Her feats of strength and her battles with the gods put her among the upper echelons of physically powerful characters.

In the world of comics, strength is an ever-changing narrative, influenced by various factors like emotional state, confidence, or specific circumstances. While this list provides a ranking based on strength feats, it’s also essential to remember that many of these heroes’ powers extend beyond mere physical strength, making the world of comic book heroes an exciting domain of seemingly infinite power scales.

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