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Miss Playing Board Games? Tabletop Simulator Is Probably For You

Something For Everyone

If you are a board game person and trapped inside due to COVID-19 you will love Tabletop Simulator. This game can be found on Steam from anywhere between $10 (on sale) and $20.Forget postponing your weekly board game nights, just get everyone you know involved in Tabletop. You want to play Carcassonne? No problem, somebody in the community uploaded the entire game..Are you a Risk player.. got you covered too.  Do you want to design and play your own game…Well you can!

This is a simple physics-based tabletop game written for cards, dice, and other objects you would find associated with board games. Once you get your head around the learning curve you can start playing all your old favorites and new board games.To start, Tabletop has 15 base games to get you started including Chess, Poker, Jigsaw Puzzles, Dominoes and Mahjong.


You can even start your own D&D game with the pre-installed RPG kit. Be your own “Game Master” and walk your friends through your twisted mind.  I have spent countless hours importing old card games to play with friends that we haven’t played since the 90’s. This game has really helped out a lot during the pandemic, especially with the socializing with friends and family. There is a build in audio chat if you want to talk to each other during your session. Or, simply get your Zoom chat going so you can trash talk everyone involved.

Fun For All Ages

Tabletop is for all ages. Whether it is a game of chess with the grandparents or playing poker with your buddies you will find plenty of entertaining game modes to keep you occupied. The learning curve is a bit steep for more advanced games but if you need your kid to drag and drop some puzzle pieces of Bob Ross and his little trees into place it is not hard to teach.

You can create your own flash cards that help with learning as well. Anything you can think of you can input into this bad boy

The Creativity is Endless

Customization is one of the cool things you can do here. Importing custom content and automating games with scripting as well as importing your own gameboards, figures, cards etc. The options for creativity are endless. Granted you will need to have a few other programs accessible to you to really reach this game full potential, but it is not out of reach.

The Workshop

With Tabletop Simulator being fully supported by Steam Workshop, you’ll have infinite possibilities to shape and create new and exciting ways to enjoy classic games. With the extremely simple modding system in place, you and your friends can create and download THOUSANDS of mods on the Workshop – and share your designs with others to enjoy.

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