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Mezco’s Amazing One:12 Collection is a Must For Any Collector

Mezco might not have been around for as long as some of its competitors, but its meteoric rise to prominence is testament to its commitment to quality and innovation. Their One:12 series, in particular, has garnered immense praise from collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The One:12 series by Mezco, aptly named for its 1:12 scale, brilliantly balances intricate detail with practicality, enabling collectors to prominently display their figures without consuming excessive space. Mezco’s design team meticulously crafts each figure, capturing the essence of its character from facial intricacies to clothing textures. Among its distinguishing features is the series’ unmatched articulation, offering collectors and photographers the flexibility to pose figures in almost any imaginable position, expanding display and diorama opportunities. Moreover, the inclusion of a multitude of accessories enhances the playability and adaptability of each figure, allowing for extensive customization and variety in appearance.

The One:12 Collective welcomes Ghost-Spider, an iconic figure from Earth-65. This rendition of Gwen Stacy, who in this alternate universe becomes the wall-crawler bitten by the radioactive spider, dons a fitted hooded suit with intricate cobweb details. Boasting four diverse head portraits, including an unmasked Gwen Stacy, the figure stands approximately 6 1/2 inches tall with over 30 articulation points. Essential accessories accompany Ghost-Spider: a dimensional travel watch, an array of web lines, a cell phone, a multiverse portal FX, and more, reflecting her role as the guardian of New York and the Web of Life. The figure captures Ghost-Spider’s essence, right down to her sneakers and notebook, all presented in a collector-friendly box, making it a must-have for enthusiasts.

The One:12 Collective introduces the Spider-Man Green Goblin Deluxe Edition Action Figure, capturing the menace of Green Goblin in his iconic attire: a fitted bodysuit, tunic, and a cross-body satchel for his various bombs. With five distinct head portraits, including three of the Goblin and two unmasked Norman Osborne expressions, collectors are given a range of display options. Central to the figure is the Goblin Glider, complete with hinged wings and assorted flight effects. The backstory sees Norman Osborne transformed into the Green Goblin after a strength-enhancing serum experiment goes awry. Standing at approximately 6 1/2 inches with over 32 articulation points, the figure showcases detailed hand painting and comes with 12 interchangeable hands, a collection of pumpkin bombs, and other unique accessories. Packaged in a collector-friendly box, this deluxe figure is an ideal addition for any Marvel aficionado.

The Fantastic Four One:12 Collective Deluxe Steel Boxed Set brings Marvel’s premier family to life. Consisting of Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm Richards), the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and the Thing (Ben Grimm), each figure boasts distinct features tailored to their superpowers. Reed, with over 28 articulation points, showcases an interchangeable torso, giving him remarkable flexibility. Sue, standing approximately 6 1/2-inches, can turn invisible and projects forcefields, while Johnny, encapsulating the fiery Human Torch, features light-up flame effects. Ben Grimm, embodying the mighty Thing, is a rugged powerhouse with accessories to match his strength. Each member is dressed in the signature Unstable Molecule jumpsuit, with unique character-specific accessories. Adding to this collection is H.E.R.B.I.E., equipped with a supercomputer and mobile lab. These heroes, transformed by cosmic rays, are dedicated to defending against evil, and this set, housed in a collector-friendly metal tin, captures their essence and dedication to scientific discovery.


The One:12 Collective welcomes the Latverian monarch, Doctor Doom, meticulously crafted with a hooded tunic, real metal component armor, and a removable cape with metal chain and integrated posing wire. Boasting 2 interchangeable unmasked heads, 3 faceplates, and a Cosmic Power Siphon Harness with a light-up function, Doctor Doom exhibits unparalleled power. He’s equipped with his signature electro-shock weapon, a detailed spell book, interchangeable rocket thrusters, and an array of special effects. Born Victor Von Doom, he overcame a challenging past to emerge as a brilliant scientist, ultimately evolving into one of Marvel’s greatest villains, courtesy of his immense intelligence, ego, and quest for dominance. The figure stands 6 3/4 inches tall with over 28 articulation points and 17 interchangeable hands, all accessorized to bring to life the complex character of Doctor Doom. This collector’s delight is packaged in a box specially designed for enthusiasts.

The One:12 Collective Superman: Man of Steel Edition Action Figure embodies the essence of the iconic superhero, boasting an outfit featuring the ‘House of El’ family crest and a wire-posed cape. Equipped with seven head portraits, including one with light-up heat vision, Superman is ready to battle foes like Starro, an intergalactic starfish, and Black Mercy, a posable tentacled alien plant. Included accessories range from the Phantom Zone Projector for imprisoning galaxy criminals, various special effect attachments such as punch and bullet ricochet FX, to a Kryptonite trophy. Standing approximately 6.5 inches tall with over 32 points of articulation, this meticulously crafted figure comes with ten interchangeable hands and is dressed in a fitted suit, waist belt, and knee-high boots. Additional items include a One:12 Collective base with a logo and an adjustable display post. All these are packaged in a collector-friendly tin, exemplifying Superman’s enduring fight for truth and justice.

The One:12 Collective introduces the Amazing Spider-Man Deluxe Edition Action Figure, paying homage to Spider-Man’s early comic appearances. This figure, standing at approximately 6 1/2 inches tall, showcases Spider-Man in his iconic suit, featuring detailed web designs and spider insignias. With an impressive array of 5 head portraits—including light-up eyes, varied masked looks, unmasked Peter Parker, and a Spider-Sense portrait—this figure promises dynamic display options. Furthering the versatility, Spider-Man is equipped with an abundance of web accessories, like a shield, parachute, lasso loop, and even a camera for his journalist alter-ego. The essence of Peter Parker, a student, scientist, photographer, and superhero, is captured with the philosophy: “with great power comes great responsibility.” This intricately designed figure includes a total of 18 interchangeable hands and numerous accessories, all designed with the utmost authenticity. It’s elegantly packaged in a collector-friendly box, making it an ideal present for Marvel enthusiasts.



In conclusion, Mezco’s One:12 series has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the collectible toy industry. Their dedication to detail, articulation, and overall quality sets them apart from many competitors. And with figures like the MZ77310 showcasing the very best of what they have to offer, it’s clear that Mezco will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of collectibles. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer, the One:12 series – and the MZ77310 in particular – deserves a place in your collection.

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