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Juggling Raising and Educating Children

The Fun and Giggles of Raising Whippersnappers and Guiding Their Education

A lively study of parental modus operandi shows that 9% of parents, whom we’ll lovingly call ‘copycats,’ are singing the same tunes their parents did, particularly when it comes to their children’s education. An intriguing 5% who are marching to their own beat, or ‘freestylers,’ also shared a similar refrain. Both bands have one earworm in common – working hard, scoring big in school, and choosing a schooling path with the precision of an air-traffic controller. 

The Copycats see education as the golden ticket, with visions of Ivy League acceptance letters dancing in their heads. The Freestylers have an interesting harmony going. They’re looking for a different kind of school jam session, often aiming to give their kiddos a more rockin’ education than they experienced, but they’re also not opposed to letting their little ones improvise a bit with academics – probably a result of having parental conductors who never missed a beat.

Fanning The Flames Of Curiosity

The most happening beat of any good parenting soundtrack? Passion! Take a leaf from Deborah Stipek, Ph.D., Stanford’s School of Education dean, and her co-author of Motivated Minds: Raising Children to Love Learning. They suggest getting your kids grooving on what interests you, be it soccer, astronomy, modern art, or even your top-secret lasagna recipe. If you stumble across a juicy article or an eye-opening documentary, share it with your kids. Even if they can’t quite grasp the whole concept, they’ll catch your excitement like a contagious dance move, learning that life’s education extends beyond the school bell.

The Literary Dancefloor

Nothing gets a reading party started like a groovy selection of books. Researchers from Harvard University found that a steady supply of good reads can make your kid as excited about reading as a dog is about chasing a tennis ball. The U.S. Department of Education chimes in, revealing that the best readers often grow up in homes that are literary all-you-can-eat buffets.

To get your child dancing to the rhythm of reading, make sure there are books everywhere – on the breakfast table, next to their beds, in the car, even stashed in the bathroom! Encourage your little ones to dive into books as if they were jumping into a pool on a hot summer day. Set aside time for shared reading, turning it into an adventurous treasure hunt that’s both engaging and loads of fun.

Encouraging Solo Improv

Having interviewed a gaggle of parents, Dr. Ryan and his crew found that the parents with the most motivated children have a hands-off approach to micromanagement. Instead of pouncing at every misstep their child makes with a “Here, let me,” they’re more inclined to let their children figure things out on their own. The result? Kids who tackle problems like mini superheroes, whether it’s a tricky jigsaw puzzle or a gnarly math equation, building a sense of competence that makes learning as fun as recess.

The Sweet Symphony of Love

A stunning 44% of Freestyler parents aim to shower their kids with more love and affection than they received in their own childhoods. They’re striving to create a home that’s as warm and welcoming as a cozy fireside chat. The Copycats also strive for this, believing in the power of a loving household and the miracle of unconditional love.

Both types of parents believe that being involved in their children’s lives is as crucial as remembering the lyrics to their favorite song. They value family dinners, cheering on their kids in their extracurricular activities, and simply hanging out together. Interestingly, Freestyler parents are also putting emphasis on healthier communication, listening more and yelling less. They’re committed to having open, honest discussions on relevant topics, emphasizing understanding and accepting their children for who they are.

Setting The Stage with Behavior and Discipline

Just as a band needs a good rhythm section, parents have to lay down the beat when it comes to their kids’ behavior and discipline. Both Copycats and Freestylers, making up 29% and 32% respectively, discussed their parenting styles in terms of setting boundaries, promoting responsibility, and instilling good manners.

While some parents are as firm as a drumbeat, others have a gentler touch, like a soothing lullaby. Regardless of the tune they choose, one thing is clear: both camps want to create a harmonious family life where everyone is respected and love is always the main chorus.

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