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Is an Apple Watch For You?

Reasons To Buy an Apple Watch Over other Watches

So, you are looking to buy a watch and not sure if you should go old school or look more towards the future with a new smart watch. Hopefully, this article will help you out and push you towards a new smart watch

Keeps Track of Your Workouts

You like to run, do yoga or just go for a walk? This bad boy with keep all your stats in lock down. Heart Rate, distance travelled, time elapsed, pace and even calories burned.  With the build in Work Out App its as simple as a touch and go.

Health Monitor

It can track your health, YUP! This includes monitoring your heart rate blood pressure and keep track of your exercise activities.  This thing will even alert you to any irregularities in your health condition. Are you clumsy, this freaking thing even has a fall detector?  It watches your accelerometer and gyroscope to detect if you have fallen. Cray thing, if you are unresponsive after it detects a fall it will automatically call your emergency contact.

Sexy Design and A Large Display

Apple products are always sexy looking, and the watch is no exception. Beveled corners, interchangeable straps. It is sporty, sophisticated and classy looking all rolled into one. It has a sharp display sitting at (depending on the watch) 40 to 44mm. This larger display lets you look at things much easier. Read texts, view photos check out your favorite website etc.  The nice thing is, while it is a large screen, it does not feel bulky at all.

Other Functions

When it is paired with your iPhone, the watch allows you to make and receive calls. Although not the best thing as your phone will always be nearby, it definitely is some Star Trek level coolness to it.  Not to mention this guy is (semi) water resistant… Depending on the series of watch you have you can, have a shower, wash your hands and even swim in your pool… it is not recommended to submerge in deep water nor in anything involving high velocity (water skiing)


If you want more from your watch it is a no brainer to go with the Apple Watch. Jump on board and head into the future with this thing attached to your wrist sending data to whoever pays the most money…haha. Kidding… or not… who knows.

Have a Look at Some Apple Watch Products

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