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Hey, It Is Back To School Time

Back To School Is Upon Us!

The joys of free babysitting/ free time during the day returns! Obviously at some cost as nothing good is free. We are talking back to school supplies, clothes, organization and many others that come with having children heading back into the classroom.

Uggghh. The difficulties that come with having freedom.

No need to fret. As always, we have some help for you to make this transition much easier. Ideas and companies that are here to assist you in your time of need.


As always. Clothes are usually the beginning. You get up and get the kids dressed. First day of school is always important (for the children) to make a good first impression. Might as well start off right.


Sweet Sweet Jurassic Park Clothes and Shoes for Kids

Or if Puma is your thing… Some clothes and shoes for the Older, cooler kids in your house who only need the best.


Organize Smorgamize

Kids organization is key for success. Having the right tools; also important. Having cool stuff to bring into class and have your friends love you for having it and sharing = King/Queen of the Class.

Set your kid up right with some ReallyGoodStuff(.com).

Here you will find a ton, and  I mean a ton of good stuff for your kids to have on there venture back into school life.


Really Good Stuff® Group-Color Storage Bags – 6 Colors, Colorations® Classic Color Dough 2 Oz. Mega Pack of 18, Colorations Blunt Tip Scissors 5″ Set of 12, Colorations Chubby Markers 12 Packs of 8 Colors, Colorations Regular Crayons, Set of 24 Colors- 12 Packs, and Colorations Best Value Washable Purple Glue Sticks Large 88 oz Set of 12 in a tray

For The Good Kids...And Maybe For You too

If your kid had a successful time at school, or maybe they just were awesome and you want to getthem something to show your appreciation here are a couple ideas for you to spoil them with


Some cool Stickers for the younglings who are excelling at whatever is put in front of them.

Last but not least… maybe you deserve something cool because you are a great parent and want to go back to what it felt like when you were a kid and got rewarded… has you covered… with the new Masters of the Universe show out I think its time to bring back He-Man toys too

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