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Getting Them Active

When you think of summer, what images immediately come to mind? For many of us, it’s bright sunshine, long, balmy days, and most importantly, spending time outdoors. While many families rush off to amusement parks or summer camps, some of the best summer memories can be made right in your own backyard. If you’re a parent looking for creative ways to engage your children during their time off from school, look no further. From staging a movie night under the stars to creating your own mini golf course, here are some exciting activities you can do with your kids in your backyard this summer.


Transform your backyard into a magical outdoor cinema and host a movie night for the whole family. All you need is a projector, a blank wall or a white sheet, some comfy seating (think bean bags, cushions, or deck chairs), and of course, popcorn! Let your kids choose their favorite family-friendly movie, or make it a themed night with classic summer films. Not only does this create a unique cinematic experience, but it also provides a cost-effective alternative to the movie theater.


Who said you need to leave home for a round of mini golf? With a little creativity and some supplies, you can build your very own mini golf course in the backyard. Use objects like pool noodles, cardboard, tubes, bricks, or plant pots to create obstacles. You can even let your kids decorate the course and decide on the rules for an added layer of fun. This activity not only promises hours of entertainment but also aids in developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Lawn bowling is a classic backyard game that people of all ages can enjoy. You can either purchase a set or make your own with household items – painted water bottles make great DIY bowling pins! Set up your bowling alley on a flat area of the lawn and challenge your kids to a friendly competition. This game encourages physical activity and can help improve precision and focus.


A game of Jenga is always exciting, but have you ever tried playing with a giant set? You can easily purchase a giant Jenga set, or if you’re handy, you can create one yourself using large wooden blocks. This engaging game requires strategy, balance, and a steady hand. Plus, the bigger the blocks, the bigger the suspense and the laughter when the tower eventually topples!


Gardening can be a fun and educational activity for children. It teaches them about nature, responsibility, and the value of hard work. Start with easy-to-grow plants like sunflowers or vegetables. Provide your kids with their own gardening tools to make them feel involved. You can even create a small dedicated area for them to take care of. Watch as they delight in watching their plants grow and thrive throughout the summer.


A game of flag football can turn an ordinary afternoon into an exhilarating competition. This game is a safer alternative to tackle football as it involves pulling flags attached to a belt instead of tackling. Divide the family into teams, set boundaries, and let the fun begin! It’s a fantastic way to promote physical fitness while teaching your children about teamwork and strategy.


Last but certainly not least, freeze tag is a timeless game that requires no additional equipment. One person is “it” and the others run around trying to avoid being tagged. Once tagged, players must freeze in place until another player tags them to unfreeze them. This game encourages lots of running, laughter, and provides an excellent outlet for your children’s boundless energy.

These are just a few ideas to make the most out of your backyard this summer. The key is to be creative, flexible, and remember that the primary goal is to have fun. No matter what activities you choose, spending time together as a family is what your children will remember the most. Happy summer!

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