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Dads, Valentines Day Can Be For Anything!

The Joys Of Shopping

Here it comes Dads. Valentine’s Day. Just when you thought you were safe after Christmas, Boom! Another day you need to buy your significant other things for. Yes, it is OK to be worried, but do not fret. Outside the box ideas for you and yours are here for your viewing pleasure.  Say goodbye to flowers and chocolates. Who has time for going out to restaurant’s. Get the person you love something a bit different and fun.

Let us Start with one of our favorites over here at DTAT’s. Minted has become one of our favorite sites to visit and problem solve for us. You have no idea what to get somebody for something…Minted probably has a good idea for you. Stationary. Art supplies, Stuff for the kids etc. You want to make a puzzle of your receiver of said presents face… boom! Minted can do this for you. Not only that but they are currently rocking a Valentines Day event which would be a great place to start looking. Check them out soon and avoid the dreaded “Sorry, it is still being delivered” conversation.

Another one of our favorites. Cricut is here for the designer/ artist person. I purchased one for my significant other and she loves it. One of the hardest things she finds is designing though. Or just getting inspiration. Luckily Cricut does have their Cricut Access Subscription. This is something that provides little things to get started with. Fonts, images even licensed content for those looking for something more mainstream. If you want the gift that keeps on giving have a look at the Premium Access for your loved one. They may really enjoy it.

Here is something that took me a bit to discover. Zazzle. At first, I was looking at it and just seeing regular ordinary T-Shirt, mugs etc. type of things for sale. But then I actually took the 5 seconds it required to browse deeper and discover…. they have tons of cool stuff. Yes, they have mugs, but custom DC and Marvel mugs for your Pop Culture person. You have older kids, custom phone case designs.  Business supplies for the self employed trying to make it partner. Custom clothed Stuffed Animals with a decent selection waits for you too. A good site to check out for the kids and partners. I doubt you will not find anything here.

Yes, you are a parent. Yes, you are busy. And yes, stuff gets lost all the time. I lose things that I need pretty much every day…sometimes it is my fault, others it is my children “playing” with my keys and then leaving them in the storage compartment of their toy car. You know how hard it is to put yourself into the mind of an 18 month old when you are trying to find where they were playing with your keys last…its hard man. may provide some relief for you in finding said lost items. Find misplaced items nearby or far way.  Slap a Tile tag on your keys, laptop or in your purse/wallet and  you will be able to find your once lost sorely needed set of keys so you can go to the grocery store to buy food for your kids. After a while of using them I love it. I can find my stuff whenever I want, which should be all the time, but is sometimes hard due to curious little children playing and hidden my stuff.

Here is a new an interesting idea for the more industrial member of your Valentines day shopping list.  These guys do big things with big equipment. I am talking a large range of stuff. From Making your own designs and transferring them to articles of clothing all the way up to Agriculture and Forestry Equipment. For this article I am focusing more on the person who would probably be involved in the Self Employed business. These days there are a lot of people trying to get some extra money and take their skills with design to a level where they can make some money off of it. Vevor may be a good look for those people who are trying this out. Again, I feel for my readers the Arts Section would probably be your focus but take a look at the whole site. It could be of interest to all parties.

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