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Dads. Look Good and Feel Good!!

Dad's Wanting to Look Good with Their Kids

I know a lot of dads that get down because they cannot go out, drink, eat chicken wings and do all the stuff they used to without gaining weight anymore. well, one you are getting older and two you do not have time anymore because … well… you are a dad!

We all know that your time is limited. Especially when it comes to your grooming and maintaining your personal appearance. Hell, I know I do. I want to tell you before kids I was at the gym, eating apples and kale all day, washing my clothes on my abs…but that is not true. So, starting to look good and getting into some sort of shape is like starting from zero. But anything can be done.

I have a few things below that can help you with getting yourself into decent shape, with the equipment and shoes and then the cool clothes you can wear after to show off your “no longer Dad bod”!

Remember, all these things you can buy and use… or you can just buy and make it look like you are doing the work. Either way you will still look surprisingly good!


To start you will need some shoes. Nothing makes you feel better and make people think you are doing better then going outside and run! Running is not the most entertaining thing in the world, but it will get your heart going and your sweat level to max. Puma offers a lot of great options in terms of running shoes from your everyday runner to your casual once a week on a nice morning runner.


Here is where you get to the big steps in transforming your body. Unfortunately, most gyms are still closed so what do you do? Have a look at the Body Boss system. It is essentially an all in one at home gym work out. Find ways to push yourself and sign up for the interactive live workouts with trainers… also, if you need extra weight, I have no doubt that your kids will climb on top of you and make the work out that much easier.


Once you are done with your work outs and you are feeling like pre-dad bod is in effect it is time to start looking at dynamite clothes for your dynamite new body! AllBirds has a great selection for the new trim dad bod that you have acquired. These guys do an exceptionally good job with their clothes, they are using wool from merino sheep, who, apparently, have the best hair in nature. I like these guys a lot because they seem to about more quality v. quantity and helping to reduce waste… Also, baby puke looks like it can bounce right off these shirts.


Last but definitely not least in the ‘get better looking for a Dad’ campaign are the beautiful hoodie options there are from American Giant. Nothing beats heading home from your work out and unzipping that hoodie to show the world your, what should now be, bulging biceps and toned abs right…. Maybe, if not then maybe a little less chub and a bit more muscle for your significant other.  Grab the pull overs, zip up or even crew neck for the new look. These things are built for durability. You pay for what you get in this case, and in this case, you get some high-end quality product brought to you by a company that wants you to feel, look and stay well dressed in amazing and durable clothes.

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