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Buying A Cricut. Is It Worth It?

Is it worth buying. I will say yes. I mean, it depends on what you are doing as a hobby but for me it was definitely worth it.
What do I do with it you ask…? Oh let me tell you.


I originally bought it for my wife as she is very crafty and always bugged me about it. I ended up getting her one for Christmas and she loved it… after a few weeks I would poke my head in and see what a ‘Cricut’ was.. to my surprise I was like “hey, I can use that for my nerdy stuff”

First, what does the Cricut do. Good question.

It is a cutting machine….that’s what it is. Sounds simple. And it is. But this thing cuts anything in any manner you would like it to.

It can cut fabric, paper, wood and even leather.  It all depends on the blade you get for yourself. That being said there are a few you can choose from.


Depending on your budget you can find a few different options for you in the Cricut department. 

The Cricut Explore Air 2

This is the main one most will purchase. It will cut most materials  from vinyl to chipboard.

The Cricut Maker

This is the next step up. Take everything the Explore does and add that this thing can cut deeper and faster

Do a bit of research and you can find the right one for yourself.

As for what you can do with it at the house; there is plenty. I have attached a few videos and DYI projects for you to look at.

Hopefully you will enter the world of Cricutting…? Cricut cutting…?….just using a Cricut!


Trading Cards




Iron On Shirt

Kids Toys

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