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Being a Dad And Doing Your Best

How to be a dad? 

Everyone asks about it, and everyone has their on version on how to be one. Me, no idea most of the time. Just go day by day, with some planning obviously, like, feeding the kids, and changing etc. But if people ask if they are being a good dad or a bad dad…who knows man. There are a lot of reasons to worry about if you are succeeding or failing as a father. Sometimes you just need to be a loving care giver and go from there. There are a few issues that arise, but rest assured you are not alone.


Being There

First off, Children have a unique relationship with their parents. Fathers these days generally do a lot more than men did in previous generations. Being involved from early on is better for your relationship and for your baby. Maybe there is still a stigma around dads doing more and more work/help with their kids but welcome to the present where everyone needs to chip in


It is real. Not only do women get Postpartum depression but their partners can get it too. 1 out of 10 partners experience anxiety and depression when the baby is born. I mean. No matter how prepared you are there will always be anxiety with a new baby, because you know, its life altering! Do not be afraid to get help in these situations. Your doctor can help or, if you feel tired, irritable or angry, go and talk with someone. It will help in the end

The Battles with Discipline

All children need guidance and discipline, right? Not so much punishment when they do something bad or wrong but more so a guiding hand. I say that knowing full well that I have yelled at my kids when I know they do not deserve that but its haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard sometimes. After sleepless nights or everything happening at once it gets to you. With that being said it is always better to show a positive and guiding hand rather then a stern and loud yelling one. But if you can do the guiding had more times than yelling, I think you are doing well.

The Work – Life Issue

Nowadays a lot of people are working from home and have the opportunity to spend more and more time with their kids. But for some couples you are each working a job and possibly working them on separate times just so someone is at home with the kids. That is a tough day. You become passing ships in the night, handing off cargo it would seem. That can put a strain on any relationship. People feel bad when they think they do not spend enough time with their kids. In all honesty, that’s a tough one. You need to work, especially these days, two jobs just to stay afloat. I think if you can do that and spend as much time with your kids as reasonably possible you are doing a good job.

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