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Awesome Ideas For Christmas Gifts

Look No Further Then Minted!

If you are looking for some great new ideas for your kids for the upcoming Christmas season look no further, then Minted! They have a community of independent artists and designers from over 50 states. Tons of people with tons of fresh ideas for you and your loved ones.


We have absolutely fallen in love with these guys. The art prints are dynamite, and we think they would be a great idea for the youngster in your life. Ideas ranging from Birthing announcements to wall decorations all the way to beautiful artistic pictures for the adult in your life too.

I am loving the Disney art wall section. Minimalist renditions of yours or your child’s favorite character from the shows. Murals, pillow or even wall art. You can grab everyone’s favorite character drawn out by Minted independent artists.

For the adult in your life you can even get your fine art puzzle with your custom photos and names attached to them. Set on premium chipboard the puzzles will come with its on bag and beautiful box for storage. A great idea for the hard to shop for.

The sleepy person in your life might want to have a look at the custom pillows. Any pattern you would like on a luxe cotton completely customizable pillow. I love the Buzz Lightyear one myself. Bring the joy of these characters to brighten up any room in your house.


I really think people will love what is happening over at minted. Very glad I was able to find these guys right before Christmas

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