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August 5, 2020 – Comic Book Reviews

Pulp OGN


A new story from the great team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. A story centered on Max Winter in New York circa 1930’s. He crafts Western Stories for pulp magazine which he draws inspiration from his time as a gunslinger in the Wild West a few decades past.  

Max finds himself in a desperate attempt to survive when he is pursued by bank robbers, Nazi spies and enemies from his past.

This is another great story from the award winning teams and a must read for those who enjoy the story tellings of Ed Brubaker and Art of Sean Phillips.

Batman 96

Batman 96

Last issue was the worst attack Batman has suffered by the Joker in a very long time. With a strong start thanks to the new Punchline toxin which gives us a cool look into the future but eventually turns out to be a nightmare/dream Batman 96 turns into a great issue in the Joker War story line.

Introducing a new character names Clownhunter; having Harley Quinn becoming the voice of reason to keep Batman sane are only two reasons why, if you haven’t already, need to jump onto this arc!

Fire Power 1

Fire Power 1

Issue one of a brand new series from Robert Kirkman. Thus far it is a story about a man with power, who refuses power, who gets his loved ones in danger, who then needs to use his power. I will always give Robert Kirkman a chance to impress me as he has very rarely let me down before.

These types of stories are always worth a first arc at least. It will give Kirkman time to flesh out his characters and probably make you fall in love with them in the end

Empyre 4

Empyre 4

With tensions escalating and action heating up we see attacks on Wakanda intensifying bringing attacks on our heroes from both sides which is just raising the bar on who you can trust in this storyline.

With a crazy ending this is an issue to grab if you haven’t already.

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