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A Very Sad Christmas….Get Something More!

Get Things For The Family So You Can Get Things For Yourself!

If you are like me, again, then after kids your thoughts of Christmas have changed. Gone are the days of “give me give me”, now its just “please, please let this season end so my kids can get to bed on time and back into a normal schedule”. That being said my gifts have changed too. I still love the comic stuff and you know any other toys for myself, but it is now more important to take care of my health and my kids now. I found some things that can help with your every day life and maybe somethings to ask for next Christmas.


Let’s start at the top, or the bottom. Your feet. They hurt. You are chasing kids around all day and sometimes your dogs be ‘barking’. Solution. Take care of your feet. Have a look at the good stuff that are doing. Got backpain, they have a section for that. Bunions (shhh don’t tell anyone) you best believe they got you covered. Heel, knee, planters etc. Any type of pain they may have that solution for you. Worth asking ol’ Saint Nick about.

If pain isn’t in your foot world then maybe you want to take things to the next level and start that work out you had been planning since last year. Reebok does have all the things you would like for working out. Even If you tell people “Oh ya, I am starting to workout” and actually don’t at least you can look pretty cool in their clothing lines. Track suits are welcome in most places these days!



For the sentimental and practical person that you or significant other can be, have a look at I have just been introduced to them but they seem to check all the boxes for any type of parent out there. From grabbing keepsake things such as footprint prints, ornaments pictures to getting all your kids needs for the bath and sleep.  A lot of their stuff looks really nicely made and durable…changing matts galore which is nice. As well as some backpacks that have, what seems like, ALL the pockets for whatever you need. I look forward to testing their inventory out.


Now, now we are going to get back into the stuff that, yes you are an adult and in…your 30’s, you just want because you want it for reasons unknown to yourself but need to dress like your favorite character or just to show people you like certain things. is a clothing  and costume site pretty much full of anything you want in this pop culture world. You like Dukes of Hazzard.. no problem, got you covered. You want the “Smart Tech” shirt from 40 Year Old Virgin, yup, got that too (which I love). Music, Comics, Video games. They have pretty much anything you would want to dress yourself up as not to mention the costumes they have for the convention person.




Last but not least…one of the things I spend to much money, the comic world. Statues, toys, comics, TPB’s and more. Pretty much most things you want in the comic book world at your finger tips. Let’s be honest, as a Dad you will need to sacrifice some things because, you know, you need to feed, clothe and house your children so they stay your kids. Every now and again though if you want, have a look over here at They can take all your comic book orders as well as have a great back log of issues and toys for you to look at. Santa doesn’t have to come once a year. Be your own Santa sometimes and treat yo self!

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