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A Sound Machine to Save Your Life

Adaptive Sound Technologies to Help with your Sanity

Hey, do you remember sleep? When I was in my twenties it was readily available, plentiful, uninterrupted, and I didn’t even notice. To be honest, I fought it. Late nights. Loud concerts. Laughing until the slowly brightening sky snuffed out the stars and the sun shifted lazily on its steady ark.
Now there is crying. There is so much crying. Is it the baby? Is it me? Can I still tell the difference? Are we all one screeching consciousness wailing at the tops of our lungs while the moon stares down at us with its luminous, unflinching eye?
No. That’s crazy talk. Right?
I can now tell you without hesitation that yes, that is absolutely crazy talk. Because I slept last night. I slept for six solid, glorious hours without a peep from my beautiful baby girl and not a single tear from me.
Let me be as clear as humanly possible. If you have a baby you need to get a sound machine right now. It’s the one piece of advice I was never give and desperately needed as a new father.
The one we ended up getting was the Adaptive Sound Tecnologies Lectrofan. It  has tons of different sounds, timed shut off and a massive volume range. Honestly, we use one of the white noise ones and it’s worked like a charm. No sense messing around once you see the results.
When we’re packing for an overnight it’s on the essential list of need-to-pack alongside diapers and favorite stuffies.
Now, there is no one size fits all solution for kids but I’m a firm believer that if you tip toe around newborns you’ll be tiptoeing for life. Crank that sound machine, turn the tv up (but keep one eye on the baby monitor), and get some shut eye. 

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